How could SEM help your project?

Search Engine MarketingIf more people see your ads that are actually in the mood to buy, sign-up or whatever the case may be, your Conversion Rate and Return On Investment both benefit greatly. With the tools and knowledge we have at are disposal, this can quickly become a reality for your website also. We are not guessing, but rather we use reliable and proven techniques developed by Google. We have been using Google’s system since it first was introduced, so this is nothing new to us.

SEM works for any product or service

When it comes to following a leader, it is good to follow someone who has an airport. They obviously know something. In the past few years, we have seen Google change the face of advertising dramatically. Because of this, SEM, or Search Engine Marketing, can be used regardless of where you or your product is as for as the marketing cycle. It does not matter if you are just starting out and want some publicity to brand your product or service, or if you are reaching out to past customers for purchases or sign-ups from loyalty, SEM works with great ROI and speed.

Search Engine Marketing gives quick results

When we say speed, let us expand on that some more. Search Engine Marketing is quick because an account and ads can be set up in a matter of an hour and be displayed to potential customers. As another example, let’s say a distributor calls you with an amazing deal on a certain product and you already have an SEM account, an ad can be made up for that product and placed online in a matter of minutes, so you can easily take advantage of your distributor’s limited time offer. If you think a Search Engine Marketing Campaign could help you, please feel free to contact us at 541-621-0577.

Target your customers with precision

There are also different networks that we can target for you. Suppose you have a brick and mortar store, we could target people on Smartphones, Notepads, etc who are probably mobile and may find your ad while browsing or doing a search. If they are searching for Eucalyptus Oil and see your ad, there is a good chance they could become a new and returning customer, who has friends that like other essential oils. So, as you can see, with our ability to target demographics, locations, times of day, etc, the possibilities are almost endless.

SEM vs. regular advertising

If you advertise on most every online classified service, local newspaper, magazine, radio station and the list goes on, you have no way to find out who is seeing or hearing your ad, how well it appeals to them, and if it leads to a conversion. So it is a lot of guess work in some cases, leading to wasting your advertising budget. When we set-up an SEM campaign for you, one of the many things we can do is gather very valuable information in a non-evasive matter and closely analyze important details about your website visitor’s activity on your website, like after they see your ad.

Information is power

What good is an ad if your website visitor only spends 0.4 seconds on your website after clicking on your ad? No sale there and you just paid $1.15 for that click on your ad. How about someone looking for fake flowers, and you only sell real flowers? They click on your ad and then quickly leave your website, another click that you paid for goes to waste. Through evaluating data gathered by the SEM control panel we can break down piece by piece where things are going well or failing to tailor the ad campaign by making critical adjustments to hone the results to a precise point which will greatly reduce wasted clicks and actually lower the amount of money you are paying for each click. Information is definitely power when it comes to advertising, and we have the tools and knowledge to gather the information you need. To get your SEM campaign started, contact us today at (541) 621-0577.