Website Security

How important is website security?

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Anonymous – Are they actually the enemy? Or are they actually looking out for America? Only time will tell…

We have heard many business owners say, “I doubt anyone will hack our website. We aren’t very big and don’t generate a lot of income”. Believe it or not, that makes them the perfect target. Large businesses can afford top of the line security protocols. Hackers don’t want a lot of resistance in most cases, so they go for the easier targets.

How do Hackers operate?

Typically, hackers will use exploits to compromise a website and server, inject their code, and then move to their next victim. A lot of the websites we fix have links to the Hackers affiliates and such. Most of the time, the website owner doesn’t even realize their site has been hacked. Being hacked does not always slow down the performance of your website. In fact, some Hackers are nice enough to actually optimize your website performance to maximize their outreach.

Why do people hack websites?

There seems to be a recurring theme with the sites we repair. The Hackers aren’t always necessarily looking for money. Most of the hacked websites we repair are just being used for their reputation to promote the Hacker’s products or services. We have found cases where hundreds of thousands of dollars are being embezzled, social security numbers are being stored, etc. But that usually isn’t the case.

How can I tell if I’ve been hacked?

As I mentioned earlier, many times the owner of the website has no idea they have been hacked. Many of the people that come to us about a hacked website have found out when they search for their website on Google and something in the search result listing says “This site may be hacked”. Google alone quarantines at least 10,000 sites per day using their Safe Browsing technology. They are one of the most used search engines to date. Don’t be one of the statistics. It could affect your reputation in ways you never thought possible.

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Image credit to Google

This message continues to stay in that search result even after the site is repaired. Thankfully, we know how to remove that message. If you need help with your hacked site, or need assistance removing that message from your search results, please feel free to contact us.

How can we reduce the chances of being hacked?

Keep your WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal installs up-to-date. If you don’t know how to do that, we can help. And PLEASE, don’t just update your site. There are crucial steps and procedures to doing this that keeps you from destroying your current site.

Our company has been involved in website security since 2008. We have worked with high profile Financial Advisers and Security Experts that need and demand the highest security possible. So, we got your back. Call us at (541) 621-0577 or email us for more information.