SEO Study, Small Business Websites, Search Engine Optimization

A recent study focusing on Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) that was done last year shows evidence that most websites owned by small businesses are missing so many chances at gaining new customers because they don’t understand the in-depth details or importance of SEO. Or their SEO person themselves are missing the boat.

During the study of 200 websites from a wide range of categories, it was found that over 60% of their websites didn’t even show up on the first page of Google for any of their keyword phrases they were using on their web page. Over 50% of those studied were missing the critical information needed to rank well at all.

Thousands of other small business owners from various locations and at different events that were asked about their website SEO practices realize how important Search Engine Optimization is and actually do try to implement it to some degree, but they still end up missing the mark because they still lack key ingredients or have missed some very important steps.

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