Designing Web Sites Of All Sizes & For All Purposes

Responsive Web DesignMedford Oregon Web Design’s web site development services include all sizes and types of web sites. Whether you need to have a small personal web site with just a couple of static pages, or a large corporate website with hundreds of dynamic pages connected to multiple databases with load balancing for extreme traffic and bandwidth, we’ve got you covered.

What Will You Need Your Website To Do

When considering your first website, carefully decide what you want your website to do for you, how many pages for you need, what kind of content you want on each page, and what kind of expansion you may want in the future as far as web site features. This will have a lot to do with what kind of web site you will need.

A Brief Description Of Types Of Web Sites

One type of web site is one that has static pages, the webpage never changes, it is designed and uploaded to the server where it remains until somebody makes a request for that page. Another type of web site is a dynamic web site where each page can change when certain actions are done or requests are made by clicking on something or hovering over it with your mouse or any other number of functions. And the last one we will mention or Content Management Systems or commonly referred to as a CMS platform. These web sites are dynamic in nature and can be administrated through a control panel by the end user allowing them to add and delete content to their website.

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