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4Boxers MascotsThe first website we ever built was in 2003. It featured the owners Boxer dogs. Their names were Benjamin, Boots, Jacob, and Phoebe. They were so fuzzy and cute. It would have been a crime for the world not to see them. The response was slightly overwhelming. Literally, thousands of people from all over the world were flocking to see them.

We have been building websites professionally since 2004. That also includes WordPress, a year after it came out. My how WordPress has changed over the years. We got into Search Engine Optimization a year later in 2005 after some extensive training by an SEO firm. SEO training actually never stops. *sigh*

OwnerThe owner of Medford Oregon Web Design, dba 4Boxers, was born and raised in the Rogue Valley and has remained here most of his life. Randi went to school here grades 1 through 12 and graduated from High School. His first ventures on a computer were the black screened white font powerhouses of the early 80’s.

Now he has 4 wide screens surrounding him. One computer isn’t enough to handle the workflow. Working at a TV/Radio station as Webmaster/IT Guy/Graphics Designer meant developing a smooth workflow or get buried. Typically he runs about 15 to 20+ programs at the same time on three or 4 different computers.

The main thing that sets us apart is the ethical accountability to clients, dependability and work ethic. Ethics is at the top of our list. Doing honest work for the price quoted in a timely manner is paramount.

A few other things that make us slightly unique is the fact that while most people are out camping or vacationing, we are playing with new website technologies and studying online security. For us, it isn’t just a job, it is a hobby. That makes it fun and fascinating.

Making the world a better place, one website at a time.”

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