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“Building websites in Medford Oregon since 2004”

Responsive Web DesignResponsive Web Design can help your online conversion rate substantially! Have you ever visited a web site on your Mobile Device that is a nuisance to navigate because the text is so small you have to scroll from side to side and use your pinch zoom? Your customers want no part of that either! We specialize in Mobile Device Friendly Web Sites.

Search Engine MarketingSEO Services, also known as Search Engine Optimization, refers to a website that is built and designed properly so it complies with what search engines are seeking when a prospective client searches for your products or services. A well-designed site attracts people without the need for expensive advertising. SEO rules are always changing.
Website Security is a crucial part of your online presence. We have had to fix, or completely rebuild so many websites because the website owners did not have the proper security measures in place. Don’t be fooled, you don’t have to own a big website, or make lots of money to be hacked. Hackers are not picky about choosing their victims.

Has your web design company left you hanging?

Has your IT person dissapeared?Unfortunately that happens a lot. If your current website design company has left you hanging and won’t give you access to your passwords, or if they are rude and it just isn’t working out so well, give us a call. We realize IT work and web design is a hard business that can involve long hours, but we still finish the project. Sometimes the day starts at 3am and doesn’t end till 16 hours later. However, we get the project done, that is life.

Website and Domain Name Recovery

Our company can also help you recover your URL (Domain Name) if you’ve lost all your account information. Sometimes other companies will refuse or neglect to give you your own login information. If that is the case, we have the ability to retrieve most, if not all of your website files from a server and move them to a safe location.

USA based, providing Web Design in Medford Or

Medford Oregon - Table RockWe are based in the United States. We don’t outsource to offshore companies. We like keeping the Web Design jobs in Medford Or which help to stimulate our local economy. Since the timber industry was wiped out, our local economy has suffered greatly. We’ve lost a lot of our law enforcement, the schools have suffered, the list goes on. Therefore, we refuse to compromise our policies which are “keep it US based”.

BNI Rogue Valley Professionals Member

Luke and NaomiWe’ve been with the BNI Rogue Valley Professionals since 2012 dba. 4Boxers Web Design. We don’t just consider you as a customer, but rather a potential long time friend. One of the greatest compliments we’ve ever received was when a fairly new client told us “…you are one of the best friends I have.” How cool is that!? You can count on being treated fairly by us, our reputation depends on it, so does our future. We’ve been in business doing web design in Medford Oregon since 2004, and we plan on being around for many more years to come. 🙂

Sadly… the big Boxer pictured above, Captain Luke is no longer with us. He was such a precious gentleman and will be greatly missed. We’ll always love you good boy. TaterBug (on the left) is still alive and well. She is so kitten like! She actually owns us and the company. We merely cater to her needs. For more puppy pictures, CLICK HERE.